An Apple A Day

You know I got to thinking the  other day on how we kept up with our health, when the cold old days of winter hit us all.  Laura the lady of the house always said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, adding, so eat your apple as there isn’t a doctor for miles.  And I did.  Seems to me back then I can’t ever remember having a cold or flu.   Things like that were unheard of for most parts.   Even today I can say that I haven’t had a cold or flu in over ten years and longer, now why is that some would ask, especially these days? Well other than eating right, washing my hands and never touching my face, and rinsing out my sinus’s when I get home from town, not much.   My favourite is a good old Empire apple. They are great for baking and in my eyes hold more cures for diseases than any other.  Well maybe one other and that would be the spy, which we don’t see much of any more. I would also like to mention here Laura’s way of telling whether the apples one buys is going to be really tasty.  She would always say if it hasn’t any blush on it, not meaning chemicals, they are not going to be very tasty.  What is blush.  Well blush is sort of a shading that is put there by good old mother nature and when wiped off, the apple will polish up to a brilliant shine.  That is what you want to be looking for in the stores, which you won’t find, as most stores coat the apples with a type of wax, which actually holds all the chemicals to the skin, which in turn, isn’t good for ya.  Way to get good apples is to seek out an apple tree that everyone has forgot about or find a farmer that doesn’t use any chemicals. Not an easy chore I know, but well worth the trouble.  Click On Picture To Enlarge;  See that blush, hmm good!!   My Opinion Only

Apples at Whims Farm

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