First Snow Here In Port Loring Ontario

Well first day of any snow to speak of this morning. Started to come down yesterday around two in the afternoon and pretty well kept it up till this morning.  Today my weather station is calling for sunshine so we will see.  Didn’t get to much snow, maybe a couple inches, but enough to let a feller or gal know of what lays ahead.  Sure is pretty looking out though, with all our huge pines just drooping.  I got to say the first snow fall has a way of doing something to a feller.  If I didn’t have some things to do this morning I think I could just sit here and look out all day long.  On another note.  My lovely wife is cookin’ up some bacon and soon as it is finished on will go the farm fresh eggs cooked right in the bacon grease. Can’t be beat.   One thing I love, is my eggs, bacon too, I know it isn’t the best one could eat, but two or three times a week is fine I have found, that is if one doesn’t over do it with other greasy things.  The thing I am looking for though, is one of them old time toasters, where you put the toast in and flip the lid up and down manually. One lid on each side.  If anyone has one of them that they don’t want any-more, just let me know.  You can reach me at [email protected]   Have a great day and remember.  A day worth getting up too, is a day not to be taken for granted.    (By Me)

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