Hiring Folks From Other Countries Question

Hey George.  what do you think of this article I read in the paper today.

Certain groups of foreign-trained workers will know within a year of applying for certification whether their training will allow them to work in Canada, the federal government said Monday.

Beginning in December 2010, foreign-trained architects, engineers, financial auditors and accountants, pharmacists and registered nurses will be among the groups that fall under the new framework, Minister of Human Resources Diane Finley said in Toronto.

Well let me tell ya.  First off it never ceases to amaze me when our powers that be get to thinking that these things can help our economy and is good for our country.  First off there is millions of folks that live right here now out of work.  There are lots of our own for that matter that have a lot of these qualities and can’t find work.  How about putting some of our own through training to do the job, as I bet most would only need a bit of upgrading to qualify.  Second thing is, if you look at all our pharmaceutical companies now, you will find way back somewhere that they are all owned and supplied by off shore countries.  Also just take a look at who is handing out the prescriptions now  a days.  Also take a look at our most of our doctors. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here.  What ever happened to; Made In Canada, or for that matter, Born and Educated  In Canada?  One has to remember as of years ago, you have to look after yourselves before you are any good to anyone else, selfish some say.  Yes it is, but that is  the correct way of doing things   So there you go.   Again My Opinion Only

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