Update On Third Book “Moments In Time”

Thought I would let folks know I am now full swing into getting my third book done up.  Lots to do but on the bright side after two books I at least know what lies ahead.  Right now it’s picking the stories that I would like to go into the book along with editing, editing, editing and more editing.  Amazing how you can write up story then later on come up with new things and ideas to add to it.  But I enjoy doing it,  that is all that matters.  My lovely wife is working steadily on the colour scheme for the cover and along with the painting.  It will be major change from my other two books and I am sure you all will like it.  She is also working on the sketches for each story. My sons are working on the technical stuff so as you can see things are getting done.  Also got a special poem going to be going into the book which I am sure you will all enjoy.  Not written by me, but by some one close, my sister Barb.   So……………if everything goes to plan, we should have it in the stores for the first of June. Hope to see you all at the book signings.  The dates of when they will be, I will post on here and put in with my columns as time goes by. Going to be a great book for sure.  New stories, longer stories, new sketches, a poem to remember and a whole new look.  What more can you ask for.   Talk Soon.

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