Where Did Life On Earth Come From?

For most my life I have believed that there is some sort of life on other planets.  Today though if someone is to elaborate on the subject  he or she is called a castaway of a sort and if that’s the case, I guess that’s me.  I see today in the news that they have found a bacteria like substance under the surface of a meteorite that they have found.  That is quite interesting to me, as if what they say is correct, which I have no doubt is correct, it will put a whole new prospective on how us humans might have became as we are today or maybe how we arrived here on this planet in the beginning.

Having a different out look on life, or another term might be, keeping an open mind, I gotta’ say has done me well all the years thus far.   Yes I am different than most, I only believe in scientific facts that have been proven true, I believe and trust nature but yet in saying that, it would be an unimaginable waste, if we were to think that we were the only ones, here on this little planet.   To each their own I say, what ever you can live comfortably with, that is all that really matters. My Opinion Only

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