Global Warming Question?

I thought I would ask your views on Global Warming.  James.

Well for some that is a touchy question. But for me it is quite easily answered.  My feelings on the subject is that yes, the world is warming to a certain extent, as all the signs point to that.  The question what should be asked is, what is causing the problem.  I believe that the radiation output from the sun is what is causing the problem, as it has happened  many years ago when the dinosaurs were around.  Sure us humans have contributed to the fact a touch, but we aren’t what is causing the problem.  This has happened years ago and will continue to happen for eternity.   Who and what has gotten so many folks in an uproar all boils down to a certain group of folks that make huge amounts of money. These folks are major corporations which makes tons of $$$$, simple as that.  Things is, there is folks out there that will believe anything you tell them.  There is also a lot out there now sitting back and taking a look at the real world, and, well, that is a good thing.  It’s like the flu shots.  At first there is nothing on earth that will stop this H1N1 other than getting the flu shot, the big pharmaceutical companies and others say.  Hmmm, guess what? There is countries that doesn’t have any drugs at all and the H1 N1 is almost extinct.   Also here in Canada and the USA it has pretty well passed us by.  One thing very interesting though while on this subject.  Folks here in Canada I feel are becoming a bit more self reliant, as I see only one third got the shot and I would bet even less is getting flu shots over all.  Now that is a good thing in my eyes, just wished there was more because I am afraid of what is going to happen to all those that have been taking the shot each year in the long run.  What the problem is with the flu shots or things like global warming, is that these so called Powers That Be have corrupted a lot folks minds into thinking that all these things are good for them, when in actuality they aren’t.  So there you go, my views on the subject. Some says hey, what makes you think you know it all?  I say hey, I don’t pretend to know it all.  I just feel that when  certain folks get to spouting off their opinion,  I in turn should be entitled to my opinion and that’s what I do best.  How’s that. Thanks for the question.  My Opinion Only

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