Views On Fuel For Cars & Humans

I see in the paper that they figure they should be giving this green fuel a bit more attention.  In other words ethanol.  First off I don’t think they should be looking at this at all. What they should be doing is looking toward ways like solar, wind and things like that.  There is ways out there right now, the problem is that the huge fuel companies won’t let them surface for any length of time.  Crazy.  All boils down to money folks.  With making fuel from corn one would think that would be a good thing. They say Mother Nature is doing the job for us. Nothing could be further from the truth Mother Nature hasn’t got anything to do with it.  Read on.   The corn fuel is just taking valuable soil that could be used for food, which by the way is becoming quite scarce.  To fix that problem they are now using generic seed which is another great catastrophe.   Reason being these huge companies can pretty well put into the seeds what ever they want.  Doing so no one knows what they are consuming.  Most of the food your eating right now isn’t healthy eating.  I got a theory on what they are doing to us humans. I believe that manipulation is behind what you are eating.  You are what you eat, and what they give you to eat is what you will become. Sounds kind of far fetched for some to fathom I suppose, but trouble is, if we don’t open our eyes soon it will be to late, they will have won.  Can’t let that happen, you got to get more self reliant and open ones eyes.  What they are doing by saying going green, is just another cover up so they can merge into society what ever they so choose.   So there you go, I said my peace for today and now going to put a few of them pancakes my lovely wife made for me on a plate and cover them with pure maple syrup we made from our own trees last spring.  Mouth Watering Good.    My Opinion Only

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  1. Hmm… I have read blogs on a similar topic, but this is a first for yours. I liked it a lot and have added it to my favourites.

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