Update On My Third Book

So hows every one been doing?  Myself I have been steadily working on the third book which will be coming out this spring, say around first of June or end of May.   Things are going as planned and I got a feeling it is going to be an exceptional book, with a whole new cover look, more stories, longer stories, fantastic sketches by my wife and a few surprises thrown it to boot.   Cold here this morning down to around 5 below old scale/. Still don’t like that metric no matter what folks get to tellin’ me.  Old wood furnace here is earning its keep in-spite of all the huff over global warming.  Burned six cords so far this year but looking at things nature, the rest of this month it is going to be a bit above normal I am thinking so….that is a good thing.   Well guess it’s time to have a cup of that fresh perked coffee that my lovely wife put on and get to doing things around here.  Take Care and have a great day.

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