A Question On Drugs

Hi George, what do you think is the answer to our prescription drug problem and if you might, how did it all start?

For years now I have been pointing out to folks about the abuse of prescription drugs.  I gotta’ tell ya, I believe that today it isn’t about what drugs are being given to folks that are sick, in making them better. It’s all about folks making money.  Today more prescription drugs are being used than ever before.  Let me tell you a story.  Years ago the farmers got to thinking that they needed some help with pests on their crops and things. Well the pharmaceutical companies seen a way here of making some money and went ahead and came up with pesticides.  Seemed there for awhile that a miracle had occurred and the problems were being solved.  Later on sickness started to spring up all over the continent.  What is happening some got to saying??  Well what happened was, an is still happening today, is that all these pesticides and things were and are now slowly making us humans sicker and sicker and sicker.   Now with that in mind the pharmaceutical companies now come along and say hey, we can make some drugs here that will help folks and make them well again.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but one should remember that there is an easier way of fixing ones health than handing out drugs.  What is that?  Simple, stop using all these pesticides and clean up our water, air and soil.   Saying that, we have to start somewhere and you the public are the only ones that can make it happen.  We can change things, we have to take back the reigns and not let these so called Powers That Be tell us what is right and wrong any more.  My Opinion Only

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