Are Season Flu Vaccines Makining Folks Sick ???

Well been awhile since I gave my two cents about anything really, here at the Blog, reason being I have just been busy, along with a few other things.  But for most parts they are being handled.  I had a fellow come to me the other day to actually thank me for all the info I put on here about the Swine Flu.  Made my day.   Goes to show you though, how wrong our system is, as this was suppose to be one of the biggest pandemics of all times, or so the pharmaceutical companies were telling us and would like you to believe.  Thing is folks, think about this.  The vaccine that is out there now is being returned, as they say it has lost its effect.  Let me tell ya, I believe there is more wrong with it than just that.  Take a look at  this article.

This result, which virtually all the top natural health writers openly predicted last year, apparently stunned the researchers. As explained in the published study, “Danuta Skowronski and colleagues report the unexpected results of a series of Canadian epidemiological studies suggesting a counterproductive effect of the vaccine.”

In this case, “counterproductive effect” of the vaccine means that it works against you. Getting the vaccine shot appears to actually make you MORE susceptible to being infected with (and potentially killed by) a future pandemic.

Getting a vaccine shot could actually result in you being killed by the next seasonal flu or pandemic outbreak that comes along.

For the life of me I can’t begin to understand, why so many folks are getting these shots.  There is more proof out there that says its dangerous, but yet most subject their body to it day after day.  Amazing really, as a simple dose of vitamin D would be all you really needed.  This is the time of year folks to start your defence against the flu.  Get out there this spring, toughen up your skin a bit each day by being in the sun. Then when summer hits let it all soak in.  If you do that come Fall you will be in perfect health and the flu will be the last thing on your mind.

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