Why Folks Are Getting Sick

Good Morning. Just yesterday I was asked what I thought  one should be eating these days to stay healthy. For one thing I think the question should have been what shouldn’t I be eating.  First off most of us live in an artificial world, wrapped inside our little cocoons of “pretend health” constructed by drug companies and junk food manufacturers who all somehow manage to claim their products are good for you.  Thing is folks you have to get more self reliant and look after your own body.  Sure now and then an infection might come along and you need some help, but for most parts I am a firm believer that you can stay healthy by eating healthy. The first and most important thing would be for you to stop eating all and I mean all processed foods. Now in saying that I can’t rightly say I have given up everything myself, but thanks to my wife I have eliminated around 80%. I sure do love a hot dog now and then though, might say it’s one of my weaknesses.  LOL  Another important item would be as I wrote in my last post and that is to get out into the sun, there again in moderation.  Ease into it this spring and your body will thank you for it by feeling great all year long.  I know…. it’s hard to eat right, with us living in a world that is pretty well all  made up with make believe, but if you want to stay healthy, your going to have too. Don’t be fooled into thinking all that the Powers That Be is tellin’ you is the truth, as it isn’t.  Have a great day and get outside.

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