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Thought I would share my last weeks Column, which comes out every Saturday in the North Bay Nugget.  Enjoy.

A Bit On Sports

Sports throughout my life wasn’t to high up on the list of priorities as for most parts we just never had time to watch them. As we were usually up before the sun and in bed at dusk. Later on in life in the 60s I did get into watching hockey a bit and have to say I enjoyed it a lot. The reason I enjoyed it so much was because there was only six teams, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadians, Chicago Black hawks, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings. With six teams it was easy for a feller to remember each and every player. My favourite team back then was the,  Chicago Black hawks but I did have an eye on the Boston Bruins too. If the Black hawks were out of the series, my second choice would be Boston. Not sure why I didn’t get into liking the Canadian teams that much for my home team, maybe it was because most of my hockey watching was looked at in Florida, as my wife and I usually went south for the winter. Seemed I could become part of the team back then, with just so many players, if one got hurt you hurt, if one played bad you felt bad, but no matter what happened in a game you never lost faith in your team.  Hull and Mikita, bar none were my most favourite players and when they were on the ice there was never a dull moment. Might say they kept folks on the edge of their seats. Did for me anyways. In Boston my favourite players were, Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield and I suppose the reason for that was because they were all former Black hawks and back then a fellow was loyal to the players he or she liked.

I watched almost every game back then and looked forward to them. I did manage to get to a couple games in Chicago over the years as my brother-in-law worked in a place that had the means of getting tickets for free. Sure had a good time let me tell ya.  Still can smell them hot dogs that they brought around to the spectators while the game was being played. The games were exciting back then, more so than today in my eyes and a fellow knew exactly at all times what was going on, as things were done with ease. Later on another sport got my attention which was golf. I never played much of it myself, maybe a few games here and there, but my boys liked it and to help them out I got them some lessons. Today they both are good golfers and enjoy what ever time they can on the course. For myself I enjoyed being out there with the boys but to make it a regular thing, well lets just say it wasn’t in me. I do watch one game a year though and never miss it. That game is the Masters in Augusta Georgia.

The Masters is one place that I have put on my wish list before I meet my creator and if the opportunity ever arises, my two sons and wife will be there.

Some players that I got to know and respect over the years was, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Gene Sarazen, and not to forget, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Greg Norman and Nick Faldo. Later on and into today they were, Mike Weir, Chris DiMarco , Ben Crenshaw, Fred Couples, Nick Price, and David Duval. But my most favourite of them all, other than Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer would be, Phil Mickelson.

In 2004 Phil Mickelson won his first Masters and here in Canada there was no one more happy than I was. Then again in 2006 he put all his talents together and came up with another win, again we were right there with him throughout the whole four days. He is a great family man, along with that he enjoys what he does which is golf of course and each and every game he gives his all to his fans.

The Masters this year in 2010 was one of the best and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Just to name a few highlights, Mickelson made back-to-back birdies from the par-three 12th and went on to miss an eagle from only three feet at the par-five 13th.  ended the hole with a birdie. The other spectacular shot was when he made a 20-foot downhill putt at the par-three 12th, amazing. There was many more but after them two eagles both in a row, I knew as he probably did, his third green jacket wasn’t to far off.

Watching him hug his wife and children at the 18th hole was sure a sight to see. The gleam in his wife and daughters eyes and their smiles was enough to melt anyone s heart, yes it was a great game, a game that gave everyone such an emotional ride, one that will go down in the history books.

The Masters.

Finally, for those that have called, E-Mailed and sent letters asking about my third book. Well … ‘Moments In Time’ which is what it is called, is in the printers hands and should be done shortly. Soon as it comes available I will let you all know right here at the Nugget at the bottom of my column.

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