Have We Unleashed One Of Many Sleeping Giants In The Gulf Of Mexico??

For most parts we don’t really know what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil spill.  Some say a certain amount of oil is being poured into it, some say more.  Myself I believe the situation is actually much worse than what the Powers That Be want you to believe.
I would think millions of gallons of oil is covering the Gulf right now.  Thing is folks, if this oil makes it way into the Gulf Stream currents, well lets just say it wouldn’t be good. Even as it is right now the impact from the oil will take hundreds of years to clean up.  I don’t think they can clean it up to what it once was.
The one thing we have to realise, is that we can’t live without the oceans, and what are we doing.  With man’s greed we might have just set loose a giant monster from the depths of the earth that could destroy us all.  I still believe we have the technology to stop this, question is do we have enough time. In closing I would like to say this; One just can’t keep taking from Mother Nature, destroying her home with out her not retaliating in some way.  This is only one incident, there are many, many more, just waiting, waiting to come forth to destroy its enemy, MAN.   My Opinion Only.

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