65 New Jets For Our Canadian Air Force. Well……It’s About Time.

Well it’s about time we went out and bought something that is worth while.  The 65 new Fighter Jets are just  a small part of what should be replace.  In most countries we have been the laughing stock of the world.   Think about this.  22 Billion dollars blown by the Liberals starting the war in Afghanistan  to begin with.
It’s also ok for the Liberals to  spend another 22 billion a year on harmless green house items and tax, tax, tax, to make our Powers That Be, wealthy.
The Liberals say, “don’t buy any jets, its better to complain about the torturing of the Taliban and leave the Canadian soldiers for dead using in antiquated equipment.”  Some equipment so old that they are literally falling apart.
Kind of wonder what the Liberals will complain about next. Bottom line is……. they love attacking the Conservatives, they are famous for that. They also spend billions of dollars on anything and everything that will get them elected and not what is good for the country.    I believe that we should protect and enhance the earth, to preserve it for future generations.  To do so we must not rely on other countries to do it for us, as we have been doing now for the past thirty years or so.  Some say that praying and letting things work itself out will look after things.  I say that is a bunch of, well you know what.   It’s like the old farmer out in the garden.  Fellow came by and said.  ” My friend I see the Lord has given you a beutiful garden there this year.”  The old farmer scratched his face and said.  “Don’t know about that.  But you should have seen what it looked like when he was doing it on his own before I got here.”  In other words we are the ones that gets things done, not no Higher Power.  Sitting on our rumps doesn’t get things done, doesn’t save lives doesn’t make this earth a better place to live on.  Live today as it’s your last and in doing so your world will become a better place.  My Opinion Only as usual.

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