Genetically Engineered Food

If there is one thing that stands out among the rest which we should be up in arms about is, Genetically Modified Food.  If we let this to continue we will be at the mearsy of every drug company in the world.  Not a good thing folks as if allowed to continue these Powers That Be will be able to control the food chain.  .  They can then inject the seeds with what ever they want you to eat.  Control of human beings.  That in my mind is what it is all about. Below is a few things that you should know but there is hundreds of other things too.  I will bring them to your attention as time goes by. Best thing you can do is not buy anything that has been modified.  You body will be glad you did.  My Opinion Only.

1. Genetically engineered food does not have to be labeled.
2. Most processed foods (boxed cereals, chips, cookies, frozen dinners, etc.) utilize corn, soy, canola and cottonseed oil which all have genetically modified ingredients.
3. High levels of pesticides are used in GMOs.
4. Use of antibiotics in GMO development – problem there being low-doses of antibiotics in foods make antibiotics less effective in humans. So when you realy need them they won’t work.
5. New intolerance to allergies – crossing plant genes bring on new strains of allergies in consumers.

So don’t be fooled folks, your the only ones that can make it all go away.


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