Garlic For Health Folks One Clove A Day

For many years I have spoke out about how good garlic is for ones health.  Now in saying this I mean garlic grown here in Canada or the US.  The one I like the best has a bluish ting to it. Nice and tasty and can be eaten raw with a bit of cheese and should say raw is the only way to eat it.  I have a clove every night with my supper.  For health can’t be beat.  Tests have found raw garlic more powerful than even penicillin and tetracycline. This is without destroying the digestive intestinal flora, which pharmaceutical antibiotics do. It’s also effective for TB, high blood pressure and hundreds of other ailments. Also, unlike heavy pharmaceutical antibiotic use, garlic does not diminish the immune system. It actually enhances the immune system.

Garlic prevents cancer and contributes toward tumour shrinkage, especially stomach, colon, and breast and prostate cancers. The Russians have known this for decades. More recently, this has been formally recognised by Dr. John Pinto, Ph.D of the normally anti-alternative natural cancer remedy Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute.   So………………up to you.  My Opinion Only

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