Mike Clapperton For All You Boating Needs Right Here In Port Loring

My good friend Mike here in Port Loring who has a boat storage and repair shop has just put up  his second new boat storage unit. I have to say he sure did a fine job and should be commended for his work, not only with his building expertise  though, as he is one great mechanic.  I should know, as I am for ever asking him questions about my equipment and if something comes along that I can’t fix, well Mike gets the job done.  It always makes me feel good when I see a feller like Mike going ahead in a world like today.  Just goes to show you what one can do with his life when they put their all into doing what they love.   His place of residence is on the North Road about a mile in.  His place of business is the Shell station on Highway, 522  in down town Port Loring, can’t miss it.  Stop in and see Mike for all your boating needs, you will be glad you did.  Click Pictures To Enlarge.


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