Warning For Bad Soup

Might not hurt to check your cupboards in case you have a jar or two stuck away.  For us my wife does all ours up fresh from our garden.  One way of making sure what you are eating is safe to eat.  With Precautions of course.  Just another reason that come spring you get to planning out a good size vegetable garden.  I have a spot around forty feet by thirty feet and it supplies all our needs and then some.

OTTAWA—The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has expanded a warning about a number of Barrie Bros. vegetable soups.
The agency says they may contaminated with a bacteria that could cause botulism, a life-threatening illness.
These Barrie Bros. Local Food Company 1892 vegetable soup products, sold in a 744 mL Mason glass jar with a metal lid, are affected by this alert.
These products do not have a lot code or a Best Before date.
Fresh asparagus soup, fresh cauliflower soup, butternut squash soup sweet potato and red pepper soup and potato and leek soup.
The list also includes Jeff Suddaby’s gourmet pumpkin and sweet potato soup and gourmet vegetable barley soup.
There have been no reported illnesses linked to these productsm which have been distributed in Ontario.
Food contaminated with Clostridium botulinum toxin may not look or smell spoiled.

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