WikiLeaks ‘Revenge’

You know this WikiLeaks has gotten a lot of attention lately and in my mind it has a lot of merit to it.  Myself I can see a lot of good things about this fellow portraying the truth,  more so it out weighs the bad.  One has to remember that this fellow is just posting what is really happening in our Governments, companies and places like that. Information being handed to him by some pretty high uppers. All that this fellow is doing is presenting them to you as they unfold.   Myself, in my mind, I have always figured these things were happening, just didn’t have any real hard proof, this fellow does and is letting everyone see it for themselves.  I figure it this way, one should always stand up for what’s right, and speak ones mind.  Don’t be afraid of going against the grain if you feel your right in things, as it is your life and you are entitled to say or do what you believe in, or what you do not believe in, whether it be Religion, Politics or what ever. Today though most are afraid to speak their feelings, or what they know to be true, as they are afraid of repercussions, from the Powers That Be, Family Members and so on.  Why is that?  Well my view is, we have had our minds clogged up with other folks thinking and now today can’t fend for ourselves.  I I also believe that this just didn’t happen on its own and was slowly worked into our every day life.  My opinion Only.+

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