Ford has toppled General Motors, Rightly So Too

You know when it comes to Ford I have to say I am a pretty dedicated customer along with my family of today and of yesteryear.  For years other companies have competed right along side of Ford and a few like GM has even touted that they sell more cars.  In theory I would have to say they are right in some instances too.  Thing is though that in my mind  ford is the only true car or truck that was ever made that helped bring our country to what it is today. Ford in the beginning when horses were being put by the roadside put together tractors, trucks and cars that fit most all our needs and also should say they kept them to where anyone and everyone could afford.   I would have to say Ford was there for the working man and is still there today doing as it always has.  Ford also hasn’t taken any Government assistance like all the other and is still leading today in sales.  How can that be?  Simple as I firmly believe that folks today have awakened and now realise what has been going on behind close doors for a good number of years.  Yes Sir if your in a need for a car truck or tractor there is none better in my eyes. If your not sure just take one for a drive and then go and drive a GM, or off shore one, no comparison, none what’s so ever.  Of course as always, My Opinion Only

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