What’s Happening To Some Of Our Critters”

Now here is some interesting news that for some reason doesn’t even bother folks, as to what is happening in our old world today. For most parts the Powers That Be have said it isn’t us humans that have caused their death, but in saying that I kind of think they are wrong in their thinking.  Something is causing these to die and no matter what they say I don’t believe it is natural.  I am inclined to think that the cause is from us humans and to take it one step further I am kind of inclined to believe that some where killed deliberately. Reason being there is word out there that a lot of folks in certain towns are plagued with birds of certain kinds, along with fish and other species.  So what better way than to get rid of a few and put the blame on something, other than themselves.   Now again my opinion only.

Two million fish washed up in Chesapeake Bay.

Hundreds of snapper fish were found dead on the beaches of Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand on Tuesday. Beachgoers found the fish, many with their eyes missing, lying lifeless on the sand.

On Tuesday, 450 birds plummeted  to their deaths in Louisiana for apparently no reason.
On New Year’s Eve, more than 3,000 red-winged blackbirds inexplicably fell from the skies in Arkansas along with 100,000 drum fish washed up on the shores of the Arkansas River.  If nothing else these should make you kind of wonder what is happening, shouldn’t they??

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