Ban Cigarettes??

Well here we go again and I couldn’t just let this get by without saying a few words on the subject.  Folks everyone knows in today’s world what smoking can do to a fellow or gal.  Also laws have been passed in excessive so that others aren’t affected by the ones that does smoke.  Even the ones that do smoke are pretty courteous where they smoke and for most parts respect others wishes I have found.   Anywhere you go you will see folks sitting outside their home or place of business smoking, so that they don’t infect their children or family or others.  What I am trying to get across here is that we can’t keep on bringing in laws that are useless and this is one that is just that.  What governments have to realise is that we are grown up human beings, we know right from wrong.  Just that the powers that be want to be in full control,  they don’t want us to think for ourselves any more.  Want to protect us they say, give us a break, leave us alone, things have worked for a good number of years before these so called laws and will keep right on working without any interference from them.   Maybe we should ban the governments from passing these laws and let our tax dollars start doing some good, like maybe looking after our elderly making sure they are cared for properly.  It’s just common sense folks, but I guess a lot of that has been put by the road side, what a shame. My Opinion Only.

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