About Nothing

Well how you all doing today?? For myself other than clean the driveway with the old snow blower, an going for an hour walk, my day has been quite  mild.  On saying that I often wonder how many folks today just take a day and do nothing.  Nothing other than getting some fresh air and a touch of exercise.  I bet not to many, as for most folks today when taking a day off  usually just sit around and watch some TV, play on the net or have a snooze.  Now don’t get me wrong, as there is nothing wrong with a snooze now and then, as I do enjoy them once in awhile, especially after lunch.  Even five minutes seems to give me the boost I need to make it through the rest of the day.  Well there again I shouldn’t say I don’t need any excuse to make it through a  day, as I enjoy every day that happens by.  I would have to say I enjoy the daytime hours as much as I do the night time hours, as bed to me looks as good as getting up in the mornings.  So there you go, a post about nothing, but is it nothing, could be, might be, hmm……………..maybe I will lay down and check my eyelids for leaks and give it some thought.

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