True Grit 2011 Movie

The the original adaptation starring John Wayne was one great show for sure.  Also the scenery was a lot nicer and of course no one could pull on John Wayne’s boots, but….. the new movie has some Grit to it for sure.  Last Friday my wife and I along  with our son Karl went to see it and I would have to say it was a nice evening out.  Only thing is, the treats cost as much, if not more than the show LOL LOL oh well what can you do and I shouldn’t complain as my son paid our way in for us.  Out of a five I would have to give it a three and a half star rating.   One other thing.  These days there isn’t to many westerns being made, so if you would like to see more, then get out there and see True Grit, as the more folks that goes, the more westerns the Powers That Be will be inclined to make.  There is a need for a few good westerns let me tell ya, as it would be a pleasant alternative for folks to see other than those Vampire, Harry Potter, you name it movies.  Not sure why folks even go to see them.  My opinion only.

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