E Books Coming Soon For George Walters

Good Morning!! Well sure a cold one here this morning, down to around minus four old scale and I got to tell ya, I almost needed to put on a tea shirt to walk to my shop this morning.  LOL.   On another note, while in town the other day visiting my son Karl, we decided on getting our books put into E Book Form.  We are going to try the first one, One More Story and see how it goes.  Then kind of take it from there.  As my son says it is the sign of the times and one has to look ahead.  The nice thing is, the price of the books will drop to about half price. I will let you know the exact price when we get it all set up.  We will still have the paper backs though so don’t be frettin’ about that, as a lot of my readers like signed copies.  I am also really lucky to have Karl and Craig my two boys to do all the technical work, as it isn’t as easy as it might seem to get things all in order.  With the price of E Book readers dropping each and every day a lot more folks are buying them, not to forget that even without an E Book reader they can still be read on ones home computer or lap top.   Amazing really, as looking back it doesn’t seem that long ago I was typing on an old ribbon typewriter.  Still miss that old typewriter too, think it was the sound I miss most.  Well guess I will go and will let you know when the E Book is all said an done and where you can purchase it.

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