Zellers sells 220 stores to Target $1.8-billion deal

Well for one I say it’s a sign of the times.  Thing is folks, the old Zellers stores hasn’t been very productive for a good number of years.  Myself I just don’t like the atmosphere when going into one, nothing against the stores just that’s the way I feel.  You can say what you want about the US stores and maybe not like shopping in them as they are not Canadian, but one thing is for certain, they all have a certain flair about them that draws millions of customers a year. Their secret lies in how they promote their stores, along with how they lay them out. That pertains to the old style family, has worked for them for years and will keep on working, as the USA as a whole is one family and treats everyone as their family.    Lets hope now that Target is of the same calibre as  the rest of the USA stores so that we have another place to spend our hard earned dollars.  Hmm just what I need too.  Thing is though no matter where one shops here in Canada, most of all the items you see or buy all comes from across the ocean, hardly anything any more  says, Made In Canada Or Made In The Good Ol USA.  What a shame too.   My Opinion Only

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