Internet As We Now Know It Will Be Lost

Internet as we now know it will soon be a thing of the past, at least here in Canada, if we keep allowing these Powers That Be to do what every they want.  These big players like Bell and Rodgers are all about money.  Even the Governments of today bow to them.  Right now these small business’s like Teksavvy are having a major hard time and if allowed to continue, their advancement in the business world will be hard done by.  Thing is folks, some competition is needed here in Canada and with out it we will always being paying these high unfair prices.  Not fair that just a few have the right to making a go of things.  Shouldn’t be allowed and for one, if something isn’t done, certain Powers That Be will be loosing my vote come election time let me tell ya.  I have written them, E mailed them, you name it, does it do any good?  Not likely by the way things are shaping up with this Internet throttling that’s for sure.  This dropping the limits on downloading to around 60 GB or less is the last straw in my books. Sure a lot of folks don’t use that much, but a lot does and even if you don’t you should be allowed to download what ever you want for a favourable price, simple as that.  Dam….. where is this world going.  There is reason behind it though, as more folks will be turning to Internet TV in the future and that is what it is all about, so when the big players put their TV shows on line for downloading, they can charge what ever they want.  Not a good thing folks, so come election time speak out, as we as a whole are the only ones that can do anything about it.   Bottom line, The Powers That Be should have not let this happen.  One day they will wake up an realise that it isn’t the big guys that make a country strong and prosperous, it’s the little guy.

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