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Canada is losing the war on cheap contraband cigarettes.

Critics and activists say there is no other conclusion to be drawn, given that the number of smokers is holding steady and police, despite herculean efforts, are fighting a losing battle.

Health care officials across the country are standing by somewhat helplessly as a sea of illegal smokes washes over the country. .

Now reading this one would think that we are in really big trouble when it comes to folks smoking.  Let me enlighten you a touch here or should say let me sprout my opinion on what I believe is happening.

First off it seems now a days that it is ok for the Powers That Be to make drugs and sell them to us, but it isn’t ok for us to grow or produce our own for our own use.  That is actually what is really happening here in our world today.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that the more one puts regulations on things and the more they bring up laws of what is safe for us and what is not, the more folks will rebel, and, well, bottom line that is what they are doing or trying to do.  Trying to make folks stop smoking is like telling a young child that, that cookie sitting in front of him or her with the chocolate on top is bad for you and you can’t have it.  Let me tell you, soon as you turn your head that cookie will be gone, down the hatch simple as that.   Thing is folks we aren’t children, or are we?  I am inclined to believe though that is what the Powers That Be would like you to believe.  Same as guns here in Canada.  The more restrictions they put upon folks the more guns will be smuggled into this country.  I wouldn’t hesitate to bet there is truck loads of them just waiting for someone to pick them up somewhere. Same goes for cigarettes.    We are humans, and dam, even in the bible,  if that is what you believe in,  says we were given free will to do with our lives as we so choose.    At any rate, what I am trying to say here is, that if the Powers That Be keep on trying to force their beliefs and things down our throats, the more folks will take it upon themselves and go the opposite way. They will seek out places to buy what they want and that’s that. No Power on earth will stop them.    It has been that way since the beginning of time and will continue on being that way.   The newspapers are full of articles that say things are bad, but in reality they aren’t, folks are just trying to survive the way they choose,  not the way of others.   Huh, and I was only going to say a couple words on the subject.  My Opinion only as usual.



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