Superman Coming To The Big Screen December of 2012

Now here is a feller that in my mind is doing more for this world than any Power That Be ever did.  Who is he well take a look.

The new Superman has been cast, and the lucky actor to don the blue tights will be British actor Henry Cavill.

Cavill, 27, beat out reported rivals Jon Hamm and Joe Manganiello to star in the next yet-untitled Superman movie that Warner Bros. will release in December 2012.

Yep Superman. Seems to me that as long as I have been alive, a good number of years,  this fellow has and still is bringing folks to their TV sets and movie theatres in groves.  Why is this?? Simple.  The world needs a hero and always has needed a hero.

Yes Superman has done his part and will continue to do his part bringing truth and  justice to us mere mortals, in a way that no other can do. Great Feller and no more needs to be said.

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