Our Metric System Was Just A Ploy To Change The Way We Think

Well my prediction of colder weather was right on.  Down to minus 20 this morning old scale not metric.  Now that is cold.   Although my sister Barb out west makes our temperatures look like summer.  Think the time to go for a visit in that country is mid July.  LOL One of these days will do just that too.  Thing is, this metric system has folks minds messed up.  For example they say it is 0 degrees outside.  That sure sounds cold but in reality it is 32 degrees, which is not bad actually and if a sunny day the temperatures in the sun would be around 40.  Same as gas for your car, it says on the sign out front of the service stations, 1.12 cents a litre.  What it should say and what it really is, is $4.48 cents a gallon.   Thing is bringing this metric in to our society was done for a reason.  The reason being that it changed what people thought and think.  They knew the price of things were going to go up and this was one way of getting around it.  Temperature is the same, folks look out the window and see five below 0. Darn I am not going out in that, so they sit in the house putting on the beef.  This is what our Powers To Be want to happen. They want us to become less self efficient and rely on modern medicine and them more and more every day, and it’s working.  More folks are getting sick, more are gaining weight, to many to name.  Not a good things folks, so don’t be fooled about this metric thing, there is more there than meets the eye let me tell ya.  Oh and don’t forget the trillions of dollars that it cost to change us over to metric.  Something like our two languages, French and English, won’t get into that, well maybe one day.  My opinion only.

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