Wanted….. Family Doctor For Wife & I

You know for most my life I have had an old doctor of prestige looking after me.  Three to be exact, until the end of their days, I have to say I sure miss them. Two even looked after me after they retired from their home.   Many of my stories through my columns relate back to some of our talks and events that took place.  Great stuff for sure.  Today, especially up here in the North it is really hard to find a doctor that you can go in and see on a regular basis in need.  To bad too, as with all the money in Canada we don’t have enough doctors to go around. In my mind there is no excuse for it.    At any rate now that I am older things happen in life and one could do with having a good physician, one that will listen and given time, become friends.   I gotta’ tell you I sure miss them old feller’s that looked after me.  So………..if there is a family doctor out there, Male or Female, that would like another patient, one that likes to chat a bit now and then, I would like to hear from you.   You can reach me at  [email protected] Or  call George  1-705-757-1640 Look Forward To Hearing From You.  I live in Port Loring Ontario, but can travel to North Bay, or surrounding areas, not a problem there.

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