This Is The Grapefruit Month

Well Folks.  This is the best time of year to get them juicy tasty grapefruit or oranges.  For years my wife and I went to Florida to my Dads cottage and once a week a trip would be in order to  head on out to visit the farmers.  There we would chat about things, being a farmer myself and after a visit bring with us a couple baskets of fresh tree picked grapefruit and some oranges. Once home every morning they would be cut open and put in front of us at the breakfast table.  I gotta’ tell ya, if you haven’t had tree picked fresh grapefruit you are sure missing out on one of life’s most tastiest fruits.  Not only do they taste good but they are good for ya.  So good that every one this time of year should be eating them daily for breakfast for at least two months.  I know some say, oh ya sure, how can we afford them.  I say well, even at a dollar apiece which is a touch pricey compared to if you lived in Florida, you still are getting more for your money if you think health wise.  Also don’t forget them Florida Oranges either, as this time of year they are just loaded with juice and so……………….sweet too.  I have one for a treat after supper instead of candy, or them things that is not so good for ya.  There you go, so the next time out shopping pick up a couple dozen and get into eating what one should be eating at this time of the year.  Your body will love you for it and so will your taste buds.  My Opinion Only

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