Food Supply Threat From Overfishing, Hmm?

You know them saying that our food supply is threatened is probably right and the threat of overfishing is also correct.  Thing is though the overfishing didn’t cause the problem.  What caused the problem is us humans using the oceans as a dumping grounds for the last hundred years. With all the disgusting things that we have been dumping into the oceans it is a wonder there is anything alive in there at all.  What can we do?  Well lots, but by the time the new Powers That Be come in to play it will already be to late for a world as we once had.  The ones that has to clean up our mess, is our young ones and I do have to say I have seen a lot of changes with the way they are thinking as the young ones are becoming more alert to what is really happening.  Governments will have to be toppled like in Egypt,  as there the ordinary folks are taking back control and throwing out the culprits on the street that have caused them grief for a good number of years.  That I believe is a sign of what is to come here in the world, as folks change their ways back to  a simple, healthy way of life.  So, when you see these articles in the paper of our food supply is being threatened, yes be concerned, but take a deep look into what the real reason is, before coming to a conclusion that is built up only by folks that want to change your way of thinking, to theirs.  My opinion only.

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