Does Fear Run Your Life?

You know with all that has been happening to me for the past few months health wise I would have to say if nothing else, it has opened my eyes to what is really happening here in this world today.   What would that be one would ask?  Well here it goes.

I honestly believe that today that the world is governed by Fear.  Fear of Governments, Fear of doctors, Fear about everything.  These Powers That Be, have gotten their way…. and you could say,  forced us humans, along with nature, to do their bidding, just by putting Fear into our minds.     This is wrong. What one has to do, I believe, is stand up for oneself, right or wrong, as in doing so,  the outcome will for most parts end up, being right.  If you honestly believe in what you are doing is right, chances are you are right and you are doing what you should be doing.  What one has to do, or should say, what I believe you should do, is not listen to his or her mind alone, you have to listen to body and mind together as a whole.  Then turn to the energy source that we really are.  I believe we are all made up of a powerful force of energy that is in us all, we are all one and if asked correctly, this energy will help us to over come pretty well all that ails us mentally and physically.  Thing is, today our minds have been corrupted into thinking that their way is the only way and that our inner feelings aren’t right.  Again, I believe this to be wrong.  I for myself have listened and went their way and others, in some health issues.  Reason for this is not in actuality for myself but for others, so that later on down the road, I will be able to physically show folks of what one can do if he or she takes back the reigns and goes about life using just their most inner thoughts and working together with this force that is in and around us, waiting to be simply asked.     Now don’t get this set in your mind on a religious way of looking on things as it isn’t. Myself I don’t believe in Religion, but I do at the utmost, respect your beliefs.    This force in us is totally different, it is there as it is in the trees, winds, sun, rain, animals, the list goes on.   So now today after putting myself through these biopsies, tests, you name it, for the sake of others, I now take back the reigns and not discounting others opinions, will now do what my body, mind and source suggest I should be doing.   Ok,  now some will ask.  How do I find that source?  Simple.  What you look for, is how you feel.  Think on what is bothering you, or who is bothering you,  then make a decision using what your conscious mind as to what it is saying to you, don’t worry right now if it is the right decision.  Now, as our elders have always told us.  Sleep on it, if you awaken, with a good feeling about your decision, no worry or upset feelings, stomach not growling or churning, well….. that is the right decision.  How simple is that.  Folks, you have to be in control, it’s your life,  don’t let others, governments, doctors, or who or what ever sway your mind.  I will be writing other articles on this subject as time goes by, so if interested, stay tuned, as I have only begun to bring to you, what I truly believe to be what life is all about.
And Remember, My Opinion Only

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