Maple Syrup Time Here In Port Loring

Well it’s maple syrup time here in Port Loring, or should say will be happening in a day or so, as it is still a touch to cool.   Things will change quickly though as soon as the trees feel the power of the sun and temperatures climb up over the 30 degree mark.   Old saying is cool nights, warm days is what it takes to get the sap to flowing.   All next week looks pretty good.  Couple fiends of mine Mike and Dan are both out in their sugar bush tapping trees as I type, so in my mind that in itself couldn’t be a better sign of what’s to come.     I don’t do to much here myself but I do do up around four or five gallons a year, which is what we use here at our home.  Nothing is better than maple syrup poured over a stack of potato flap jacks let me tell ya.   Enjoy the season, I am.

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