Health Freedom Within Reach In North Carolina

Here is something that should interest us all.  The Powers That Be now have been trying to stop Alternative practitioners from helping those in needs.  This in my eyes is  a ploy by the medical system as they don’t want the truth to be known that there is alternative medicine out there that good old Mother Nature has readily on hand to help folks.   This morning I see the people of North Carolina have spoken out that they don’t want to be dictated to and are standing up for their rights. Lets hope it works for them.  I for one here in Canada are behind you.  Thing is folks, these things have to be stopped in their tracks if not it will defiantly happen here in Canada.  Well it is sort of, as our doctors here in Canada would never recommend a treatment using natural drugs instead of pharmaceutical drugs.  If they did they would be frowned upon, maybe worse.   Way to go North Carolina.  My Opinion Only

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