Powassan Maple Syrup Festival

Well I just had to mention here that our day at the Maple Syrup Festival in Powassan on April 16th was fantastic.  I also want to thank those that called and invited me to come.  It as a very busy day, a steady stream of folks dropping by to buy books , shake hands and say hello.  A lot of hugs were given out also. I was amazed at how many folks came by to see my wife and I, it sure gives me a good feeling knowing so many folks are enjoying my stories and of all ages too.  Steve Hardy and his lovely wife from the North Bay Nugget, a very good friend also dropped by, they took a few pictures and we had a good chat as we always do.   So all in all what can I say, other than, thanks folks.  It’s folks like you that keep me writing and wanting to write.  Look forward to seeing you all at my book signing at Gulliver’s Books & Toys in North Bay Ontario on June 18th Fathers Day weekend. Going to be a great new book!!!

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