Seed Ordering Time In Port Loring

Yesterday I put in an order for some of my veggie seeds this year.  Every year I like to try something new, that they say can’t be grown here in the north.  For most parts I have had good luck in doing so too.  Thing is one might have to cover a few items at nights but if you want pesticide free veggies then these things has to be done.  Certain seeds though or should say most veggie seeds shouldn’t be planted until the weather stays above 45 at nights.  If you plant them to early they will just set there until it warms up any ways, so you won’t gain a thing. Also you could loose some of your seeds as they could rot.  So too early in some instances isn’t a good thing.  Another way is to start your seeds indoors and then ease them out to your garden when it warms up, I do that with a few items.   My seeds should be in the mail and here at our home in a week, looking forward to them coming.  Sure enjoy spring let me tell ya, nothing can be better than getting down in the soil on your knees and planting things.  Also love the smell of fresh tilled soil.  So if you want to eat healthy this summer and next winter get your old trousers on and get ready to get dirty.

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