For Those That Loves SUPERMAN The Man Of Steel

Well Smallville is finished, 10 years and all were pretty good shows.   This Article written by Steve Younis says it all, good writer too.  “There’s no doubt that this was a satisfying finale. Clark Kent became Superman. He flew. He wore the costume. He saved the world when nobody else could. This was a job for Superman. No one else on Earth could have saved the day. No other hero. No government. Nothing. Only Superman… and he did.
Smallville Finale “Smallville” was the journey of Clark Kent becoming Superman. And it succeeded in that premise. It wasn’t a finale… it was a journey. And as such, it’s not an end, but the beginning of the adventures of Superman. Did it leave us wanting more? Yes, but that’s because we know there is more… much more.
“Smallville” introduced us to a small boy whose space ship landed him in a Kansas corn field, grew up in the care of two kindly people, discovered he had great powers beyond those of mortal men, and decided to use those powers to help other people. Through many trials, loves lost and found, friends come and gone, enemies earthly and alien, he prevailed. When darkness threatened, he was the light that shone through. Clark Kent became Superman.”

Now look for the Superman Movie coming out later on this year at theatres everywhere.  I will miss Smallville, as through out the years one might say I grew up with the man of steel, comic books, cartoons, TV series, and Movies.  Will there more, sure there will, as everyone needs a hero.

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