Natural Remedies Are Slowly Being Banned Without Your Knowing

Live in Europe? Get your herbs while they last. New rules put forth by the European Union (EU) will ban the sale of certain herbal remedies that have been used for centuries.

Sign of the times folks and if we keep on letting these folks get away with telling us what we can and can not do we will all be paying for it dearly in the coming years. Should say we are paying for it now as one just has to look at how many folks are getting sick these days.  I can’t understand why these folks in the UK are allowing this to happen.  Natural treatments in my eyes are what we all should be looking into and bringing into practice in our ever day lives.  If we keep carrying on the way we are going, well lets just say the outcome isn’t good.  So folks stand up for what you believe in, or should say listen to you body, it knows what is wrong and if you help it and treat it properly with the right things it will give you many happy days into the future.  Is it do late now?  Well I hope,  not as I myself have come down with what they call, a fatal disease if they don’t treat it, say that again, if they don’t treat it,  brought on by nothing more that the environment we have been living in for the past fifty some years.  Also one has to just look around at others in how they are doing after being treated by the means of today.  The treatments they are using in my eyes are flawed.  I believe though that I can remedy my problem by treating it naturally. I will continue on doing so as I have more faith in myself than most of the modern medicine of today.  With source working along with my body I have great expectations.  Thing I have to overcome is what lies in the middle, being my mind, as ones mind is what stands in the way of a healthy body, along with a great number of other things..  Ones mind is what causes all of our problems today, as it is easily swayed into doing what it shouldn’t be doing.   But with sources help the mind can be fixed, and once done the body then will thrive and those that try and control you will become non-existent any longer.  You will be able to get up each and every morning enjoying each day, as you choose to enjoy it, free from all others beliefs, only yours, leading you in the direction of your choosing. Can’t beat that huh?  Oh and one last thing.  For those have never used  the good old home remedies, remember this.  Always and I mean always do the research on all herbal medicine before using, as there is folks out there today selling things that can harm you.          My opinion only.

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