News From Port Loring Ontario

Well been a couple cool days here.  Yesterday was cool enough for me to wear a jacket while getting my mowing done.  Also cloudy and day before that rained most of the day.  Today though is sunny and looks nice but still cool. Winds from the old north bringing in the cool air is the culprit but by the looks of the long range into next week things change back to warmer weather.  At least into the seventies they say, so that is ok with me.  Even had to put on the old furnace for a wee bit this morning to take the dampness out of the old bones and warm up the house a touch.  Today will get at working up my veggie gardens some, so that should keep me busy. Have to say they things are growing nicely too, been eating fresh veggies regularly every day now.   Our store is also open now for the season, loaded with all kinds of new items too.  So be sure to drop by when your out this way.  Can’t miss our place now as out front we have a brand new sign that says.  George & Ruth Walters Author and Artist with a gift shop sign underneath.  Have a great day.

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