Not A Bad Plant

You know for most parts of the USA and Canada marijuana is illegal to grow for themselves.  I for one believe that it should be readily available to those that are in need of it, or for those that want to grow it for their personal use.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I myself have never ever even tried the stuff, but I have been around folks in my younger days that have smoked it.  Think they called it wacky tobacco or something like that.  For all the times I have seen folks smoking it, it never through my eyes really did any damage to the folks that used it, or for that matter to the surrounding folks. On the contrary, the folks around those that smoked, for most parts one got to know the true person.  Funny isn’t it how we today as a society have taken the plant … medicine that the creator has given us and made it illegal to grow or use and replaced them with prescription drugs, man made, some far more damaging to health and society than marijuana usage could ever be.  Weed’s a seed that grows in the ground, if source didn’t want it, then it wouldn’t be around.  My opinion only

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