Alcohol & Cancer

How much alcohol is REALLY safe? None, say cancer specialists in today’s news.

Well……I can’t let this one get away with out a word of how I feel. Kind of figure they had their say, now I am entitled to mine. Right? OK then.  If the truth be known through my eyes having a drink or two a day of a nice fine brandy or any other kind of drink wouldn’t hurt anyone, or at the very least cause cancer. Years ago it was made quite differently though, without the toxic chemicals they use today. I would believe that a good home made wine would be of an asset to ones body, keeping in mind moderation of course.  I am no doctor that is for sure, but the truth is right in front of them.   The truth is that it’s not the drink that causes cancer, it is what the drinks are made up of.  Which is pesticides of all kinds, chlorine for cleaners, fungicides, antibiotics,  just too many to name, same goes for food.   We today believe that treating folks and an feeding folks poisons is ok, it is accepted in our society.   That is the bottom line, simple as that.  Just had to put in my two cents here.  My Opinion Only

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