Port Loring’s Fishing Times & Weather Brought To You By George Walters

   Well again here this morning the weather is a touch gloomy  Winds are light this morning at around 6 MPH coming in from the North.  Barometer is falling and at the moment sittin’ at 28.70 in Hg.    Have to say I even started the wood furnace this morning, mostly to take out the dampness in our home.  Seems the older one gets the more ones bones ache when the cold and dampness hits us here in Port Loring.  But as I say a bit of heat will remedy that problem. Today if you do decide on going out in the old boat and decide on doing some fishing the best times will be later on, heading on into this evening.  From 4:10 PM till 5:10 PM so maybe the old sunshine will make an appearance by then. One can only hope.  Fishing will start again from 8:45 PM till 9:45 if your a night owl. Not me though, I am sittin’ back with a nice hot tea reading a good book.  The sun will  rise at 7:15 AM and set at 7:01 PM today, days are starting to get shorter. I will give fishing a one star rating today out of five, in other words average.  So there you go, going to go and throw another log on the fire and pour myself a cup of tea.  Enjoy your day my friends.

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