Port Loring’s Hunting & Fishing Times & Weather Brought to You By George Walters

Well how you all doing here on a October 1 morning?  Going to be a nice sunny day in a bit, once Mr. Sunshine makes his appearance.  Winds are from the  North coming in at 6 MPH.  Barometer has been slowly rising all morning and sittin’ right now at 29.26 in Hg so that in itself is a good sign that things are about to change for the best. Today Best Hunting Times and Best Fishing Times will be 12:40 PM – 1:40 PM and again 5:11 PM – 7:11 PM. From now till December I will be adding the best times for Hunting along with the fishing. Using my old weather stick, moon calculations, along with the barometer readings and cloud cover I have found over the years that fish bite the same time as deer or ?? is out feeding, so…don’t make much difference which one you want to go after.  Also now I will be adding a bit on the moon. Today it will Rise: 12:40 PM  Set: 9:37 PM
Overhead: 5:11 PM Means what is says over your head.
Underfoot: 4:40 AM Means you can’t see it as it is on the other side of the earth. Pretty simple, huh? Why the times?  Well……lets one know when he or she can get outside and enjoy all its beauty.

Moon Phase; is  Waxing Crescent Solunar Table Moon Phase is 24% percent waxing crescent 24%.

The sun will; Rise: 7:17 AM & Set: 6:59 PM. Have a great day.

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