Port Loring’s Weather & Hunting & Fishing Times

How you all doing this morning? Have to say we sure have had a few nice days here in Port Loring and looks like a few more to come. Today will be one of the best this month, with temperatures rising to near 74 Degrees old scale. Can’t beat that for this time of year. Winds this morning are calm coming in from the North West and will slowly move to the West, which is fine by me, as that will bring in the warmer weather and enhance the fishing some. Barometer is at 29.50 in Hg and still rising slowly, another good sign. Fishing & Hunting……well it will be a one star day, average. The old weather stick says the best times to be out there, will be from 9:56 AM till 11:56 AM then again from 4:40 PM till 5:40 PM.

The moon will Rise at 4:40 PM and Set at 2:58 AM. It will be Overhead at 10:17 PM &
Underfoot at 9:56 AM

Moon Phase is 83% Waxing Gibbous Solunar Table Moon Phase is 83% percent waxing gibbous

The sun rose this morning at 7:27 AM and will Set at 6:44 PM.

So folks, Indian Summer is upon us, the sky is clear, with natures sun just a shinning. For those a little ill at heart, outside is where you should be to bring things back into perspective. Enjoy my friends.

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