Hunting & Fishing Times For Port Loring & Weather Forecast

Good Morning Port Loring. Another nice day shaping up by lookin’ out my living room window. Sun has been up for an hour or so and skies are nice an blue from where I am sittin’ Winds are calm again this morning but there has been a change in the direction. this morning they are coming in from the South West. Should make it a nice day to be out on the lakes. Temperatures should get up into the 70s again today. Barometer is pretty well staying steady here this morning at 29.90 in Hg. The old weather stick says fishing & hunting will start at  10:38 AM and go till around 12:38 PM then for an hour at 5:02 PM till 6:02 PM. Great times today to put a few fish in the frying pan or a grouse or two in the freezer. Nothing more tastier than either one of the my way of thinking. The moon will Rise at 5:02 PM & set at 4:02 AM. It will be Overhead at10:59 PM and Underfoot at10:38 AM. Moon Phase  is 90%  Waxing Gibbous. Solunar Table Moon Phase is 90% percent waxing gibbous

The sun rose at 7:26 AM for those that still had the sheets up around their neck and will Set at 6:46 PM.

Yesterday it was so nice I washed and waxed my car, an then took a drive to Powassan. I have to tell ya folks the leaves are so beautiful in colour this year, that my wife and I had to just stop the car and take it all in. They won’t be here long though, as they are about half gone now, so if you want to see what nature has to offer and clear you minds of clutter, well….. get yourself moving. While out there not only take in the colours, but take in the smells and feel of the sun on your face, there isn’t nothing better my friends, have a great day.

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