Weather, Hunting & Fishing Times For Port Loring Ontario

   So how are you all doing on this rainy morning? Myself I slept like a baby, guess reason being it was a bit darker when waking up. But that’s ok, as one should give the old body what it wants, we only got one. The daytime temperature is going to  reach     62 °f and the temperature is going to dip to 51 °f later on tonight. Barometer is falling and sitting at 28.38 in Hg. The winds are calm coming in from the South, South East. For those that still wants to do some fishing or hunting today, I give it a three star rating out of five. The old weather stick says the best times will be from 2:57 PM till 4:57 PM. Then again from 7:36 PM till 8:36 PM. The moon will Rise: 7:36 PM & Set: 10:12 AM. It will be Overhead: 2:34 AM & Underfoot: 2:57 PM.

The moon Phase is; Solunar Table Moon Phase is 94% percent waning gibbous 94% Waning Gibbous

The sun rose this morning at; 7:34 AM & will Set: 6:34 PM.

So there you have it my friends, a rainy day today an into tomorrow, but nature is in need of it. Have a great day.

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