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Good morning.  Well one sunny day, now a cloudy day with a few showers thrown in for good measure.  Not much one can do about that though, as one has to take what ever mother nature sends our way.  Barometer is falling slowly this morning sitting at 29.89 in Hg.  Temperature is going to reach 49 °f and then will be going down to 35 °f  later on this evening.  Now for those that would like to do some hunting, well this will be an excellent day for doing just that.  I give it a five star day out of five, so can’t get any better.  Times to be out there would be from 12:51 PM till 2:51 PM and then again from 5:50 PM till 6:50 PM.  The moon rose at      7:39 AM and will set at 5:52 PM. It will be overhead at 12:51 PM and underfoot at       12:22 AM.

Moon Phase is; Solunar Table Moon Phase is 0% percent new moon  0% NEW MOON.

The sun did get out of bed here in Port Loring just that at the moment it is behind some clouds.  It rose at 7:50 AM and will set at 6:14 PM.

So there you go.  Today I will be writing stories, as got a few to get down on paper, or should say computer screen.  Boy times has changed. Years ago I would be sitting down to write up my stories on an old ribbon typewriter.  Have to say though a lot of improvements have happened in that department.  I don’t really miss the old typewriter other than the clicking of the keys.  Just something about it that has stayed with me through out the years. New sounds now, with these new key boards, quieter, don’t have to use as much force.  At any rate one does have to move up with the times once in awhile that’s for sure.  Have a great day my friends.

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