Weather & Hunting Times For Port Loring

So how you all doing this morning?  Myself doing ok, slept in a touch as not hunting today.  Got a few other things that need doing, but will get back out there when I can.   Weather today should warm up a touch and should see some sunshine.  Temperature is going to reach 50 °f and then drop to        35 °f later on tonight.  Barometer is rising as I type and sitting at the moment at 28.85 in Hg.  Temperatures when I got up at seven was 36 degrees.  Sure was windy last night heard it howling out there all night long.  This morning the winds coming in at 10 MPH from the  West.   Today and tomorrow will be prime times for deer hunting.  The old weather stick says times will be from 11:54 AM – 1:54 PM then again from 4:37 PM – 5:37 PM.  Even the times should be suiting for most I would think.  The moon will Rise: 4:37 PM
& then Set: 7:05 AM.  It will be Overhead: 12:18 AM & Underfoot: 12:42 PM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 100% percent full moon  100% FULL MOON.  Wolves night to howl.

The sun got out of bed at 7:11 AM and  will Set at 4:53 PM.

100% FULL MOON. Wolves night to howl.

The sun got out of bed at 7:11 AM and will Set at 4:53 PM.

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